Saturday, November 28, 2009


Exam Day 6

Today is another rainy Saturday, i'm at SBS classroom aka exam HQ now~

This week has been an awesome week=)

God healed me on tuesday, i was having the worst headache ever with slight fever, and the next morning is gonna be the exam for my killer module of communication history and theories. I got back to room very early, around 8.30pm, was just keep praying that i'll have a little bit more energy to look through my notes again, then i'll guai guai go to sleep and rest else i'll have fever next morning.

Amazingly, as i started to read the notes, slowly the headache subside, and i just go on and on with the notes, until it's 11pm and i don't even realize it! waoh!

very very thankful, God has straighten my faith much through small miracles like these ^^

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