Friday, November 6, 2009


It has rain for a few days already, heavy rain like drops of tears from heaven itself, maybe the angels are weeping for the world.

I love the sound of raindrop. It tinkles like the bell of Tinkerbell. =p
I love the wind. It makes it so comfortable to tuck myself o bed under the warm blanket.

I used to love the rain a lot, cause that time me and my ex have this silly ritual of saying we're cold and need a hug when it rains.

After that I hated the rain, cause we broke up during rainy day. And it just so emo and gloomy to me.

As time pass, I love the rain again, cause the world looks so beautiful after the rain. Love how the rain drop glitter on the leaf and flowers around me, love the rainbow after the rain that feels like having hope after a depressing situation.

The tree in front of School of Communication and Information blooms with pretty pink flowers lately. Oh, i just love walking underneath it and seeing the flowers drop down slowly to form a sea of pink on top of the patch of green grass.

It just make it feels like life is worth living for such beauty in God's creation.

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