Tuesday, November 17, 2009


this is a Pre-Exam post 3.

Day count: -5
Candy count: 9
Cookie count: >10
Movie count: 3
Page count: [gave up already]
Sleep count: still a lot more than I need..man..i need a lot of motivation to wake up.
Animal Count: [This is where i count how many animals i look like] 4...Hamster, Snake, Rabbit, Pooh

Yesterday was quite a slacking day.

I ended up watching two more movie, that's 3 movies in 2 days.LOL.
All nice movies though, i watched Forrest Gump, Love Actually, The Proposal. Forrest Gump top the list by far, it's such an amazing movie, i strongly recommend it to you if you haven't watch it.

And on top of that, i killed cockroach for the first time in my life. TWO cockroaches eh!!

In the end i used up the whole can of Shieldtox Rui Xia and Tracy borrowed from our neighbor. No wonder they say cockroach can survive atomic bomb explosion, after seeing how the cockroaches' limbs are still twitching hours after i sprayed them with the whole can of Shieldtox, i totally have no doubt bout this saying.

Yah! hours after the showdown they are still twitching their disgusting little limbs!
I stood infront of it dunno what to do for a long time, then i tell God: "erm, dunno whether can pray this or not, but ah....God, can you let them die faster? they still moving ehhhhhhh...."

Ended up i msg Chong Jyn at 11pm, asked him to come help me get rid of the evil remains. LOL.he tried to scare me using the remains lor!!

haha..oh yah..i did studied a bit in between

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