Sunday, November 15, 2009


This is my second post for the day. Studying at SBS has been fruitful, but not less distracting though, thanks to the wonderful internet.

Why do i wanna blog about wedding?

Cause i just know from Facebook one of my ex-classmate is getting married. At first I thought it's just a joke, but then i realized it's not, never in a million years will i imagine she is the first one to get married from our class. Ok i am being over-exaggerating, but it's unbelievable.

One year ago we all thought it would be another guy that she'll be with, can't believe one year down the road, she's getting engaged with another guy. Guess that's life. I wouldn't have guessed also I would be where i am now one year ago.

Think that all girls just want a perfect wedding, sunset down the road, perfect gown, nice flowers. It's a girl's dream to have a perfect wedding. Myself included. My friends are so excited in the email chain, suggesting the perfect place to get a gown, how to prepare for a perfect wedding day, who's gonna get married next, etc. Girls just go crazy when someone we know is getting married.Haha.

What will ultimately be the perfect wedding every girl want?-- To see a special someone down the aisle. Think for every girl, the dream for a perfect wedding extend after the wedding day, we all dream of a perfect future of eternal bliss.

Think the perfect wedding will only be perfect if at the end of our life, we can look back and smile in the memories of that faded-day where we walk down that aisle. Smile at all the laughter and tears life have brought us.

Not sure i'll be invited to the wedding though, we're not that close, plus i am over here in singapore anyway. If i can, i would like to be there also, cause it's like Christmas, doesn't really matter how close that person is to you, you just wish to see everyone with a smile on their face. Well, at least for me i do think so.

Wishing you a fulfilling life, Aiko =)

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