Sunday, November 15, 2009


this is a Pre-Exam post 2.

Day count: -7
Candy count: 9
Page count: [gave up already]
Sleep count: more than I actually need, i think i'm just pure lazy
Animal Count: [This is where i count how many animals i look like] 3...Hamster, Snake, Pooh

Today is the earliest I woke up in ages. I woke up at 8.19am!!! Waoh!! I bet you are surprised and proud of me also right? Haha.

I didn't manage to study last night =(
But it's still an awesome day.

I found a perfect place to do my morning quiet time just now.
Blue Sky.Butterfly.Flowers.Water.Sunshine.Wind.Tree.Grass.
just the way i like it =)

With some imagination, this is how it would look like.haha

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