Sunday, December 6, 2009


This December is gonna be amazing. I just know it in my heart and bones. And why can't it be right? It's Christmas and it already have a great start so far.

Today while in the bus to church, i was quite amused by the new tagline Singapore Tourism Board has launched for Orchard this Christmas, it's quite funny that they would have tagline for a street, i mean, normally it's one tagline for whole country, but i guess in Singapore, orchard is considered as a city or even state.

Anyway. the tagline is "One Christmas, One Hope".
We really do have only one hope in a world coined "Decade of Hell" by TIME magazine, but i wonder what kind of Hope the tourism board have in mind when they adopted this line.

I remembered Xing Ni shared something about hope in one of the SubD meet we had this sem, can't remember the exact words but it's about this world in itself is without hope, and we can have only one source of hope, that is , in Him.

Today was really blessed, Eng Seng bought me durian pancake! i feel so "shou chong ruo jing"! I finally have my craving satisfied! And was really touched cuz i know that despite not liking the durian he still go buy for me and stand the smell of it.

After dinner ES, YY, JT, Gerard and me went to PS, we were walking walking and then somehow as the discussion rolls, we come up with the idea of making cookies to bless the freshies in the OG during this christmas season. I am very excited by this, another opportunity to do everything i love! decorating, baking, talking, sharing, blessing =) I can't wait to see what miracles this christmas will bring to us

While we were walking at PS, we stop a while outside Times and Eng Seng pointed at one of the christian books on display and said that he once watched a video of this pastor and how he was disappointed cuz when asked whether people will really go to hell if they don't follow Jesus, he gave a vague answer, then YanYu said that a lot of people are not willing to hear about the gospel precisely because of the Hell idea.

What would be my respond if someone asked me whether they will go to hell if they are not christian?

I wished just as many atheist does, that dying without receiving Him is not that bad and maybe won't go to hell. I wished it could really be like that cuz my own grandparents died without receiving Him, and my parents and siblings have yet to come to know him, how i wish how i wish how i wish...but above all, i know God's sovereignty. So even though it's hard to accept, i know it's the truth.

There's a lot of things in my heart that i want to pray for in this coming week.

Give thanks first for all the awesomeness He's gonna bring in this month

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