Sunday, December 13, 2009


It's official-- God is awesome. Seriously.

Today i had Earthlink sub-comm meeting early morning..after which when everyone has gone, it's just left me and my main comm and another sub comm, both guys are malaysian from EEE. And as the conversation unfolds, i shared with them my conversion story! it is totally unexpected and never in my plan. After which my main comm shared that he has actually attended NTU's buddhism society for two years and he feels that the teachings are good, but he just don't believer in reincarnation and souls and the world having a creator; while the other guy is just living life without thinking deep, just wanna live by. Regardless of their reaction and perception, just really glad that i'm given this privilege by God to be the one to scatter seeds in their hearts. I strongly believe that no labor in the LORD is EVER in vain.

After service i was really nervous, i prayed while on the bus to Meridian, prayed while walking there..the first thing i do when i reached is to walk around to find the grandma that i want to give the card to. but to my initial horror, the grandma is not there tonight!! As i was walking around i started to think: God, are You joking with me? How come u asked me to come and give the card but she's not here? And i just keep walking round and round, i saw zach and told him bout it, i told him i feel like God is joking with me. He look at me seriously all of a sudden and tells me God never joke, and i already won by having the faith and the heart to do it.

i told qr, es and jy about it, then was just thinking maybe God wants me to reach out to different people instead. Cuz i was walking round and round the foodcourt so was just telling them perhaps i should walk seven rounds =p

But we decided to do something spontaneous after dinner, we decided to walk around the foodcourt and invite the aunties and uncles working there instead. As we approach them with faith, i truly know that God's amazing hands are behind all these. Though none of them confirm they wanna come or even show slight interest, i know they are truly blessed by the cookies we gave them, i was quite surprised actually that most of them asked how much they need to pay for the cookies or if they need to do anything in return for the cookies.

After we marched finish, we went outside of Meridien to shout praise to God.haha.literally. And as we shared how we feel about this small experience, was really encouraged that all of us manage to have a breakthrough through this small thing.


The conclusion of the matter is- GOD IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

I really can't comprehend how exciting and awesome He is!!!!!!!

He took my original plan and use it to His greater purpose, He gave me a small vision and desire and turn it into a totally unexpected spirit-filled night for the four of us.


It seems like a lot of ppl in our midst need prayers, for healing; for strength; for faith...qr, yj, jt, jy, gerard, sam sim, es, qinning, zach, yy....

Sometimes it just seems like there's too many things to be prayed and i have so little time.

Above all, LORD let us remain in You as You remain in us.

Amen ♥

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