Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am a mum!!

and tis time my baby is living, crawling around, breathing..and real! [yes this one is REAL!]

haha...i don't have a photo of my baby yet, due to the tragic death of my handphone [drowning accident]...

i spent quite some time thinking what shall i name my baby~~something adorable, catchy, easy to remember...

i even go to translator website and try to come out with an exotic foreign language name..then i realize it's quite hard to pronounce hebrew, greek, or russian..don't even try to write it..

it's still not confirm yet..but at this stage i'm leaning towards Chestnut. cute eh?

My baby still very shy to this new world, scared of touch or even my small breath..the eyes and nose are totally adorable!! is a photo from the net~it's as close as i can get...use your imagination and wait for the upload of my baby's photo ya~~

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