Sunday, December 27, 2009


It's the day after Christmas. Boxing Day!!

I've always wonder what it exactly means.

haha, if you're a curiosity cat like me then can go educate yourselves bah~

Seems like a lot has happened since my last post.

Last Sun [20/12]

i went to volunteer at Hope Tots with Hui Min and Steve. It's such a wonderful experience!! Hope i can have the chance to be a full volunteer there. =) After that i went to Suntec to listen to the caroling. Christmas songs never fail to bring a smile to my face, even if my mood was's like ice-cream!!

Tues [22/12]

it's was yanyu's bday =) a few of us went to visit MV Doulos at Vivo there. It's my 1st time on board the ship in Sg, 3rd time in my life i think.
Love how the crew greeted everyone with a big smile and tried to be as helpful as possible. After i parted with everyone i silently stroll back to the deck there and just sat in front of the ship, in front of a beautiful sunset [with all the construction works going on].. I needed some time to be alone, to sit around people whom i do not know...

Went to meet Annie after that at Dhoby Ghaut, so glad for the time spent just chatting, catching up, having silly girl talk..and ice-cream!!! ice-cream is my comfort food. We went to orchard central after dinner, the view at lvl 11 and lvl 12 are so nice! i just hope there is no one around, love to feel the wind in my hair, the breeze that sweeps across my face. It's indeed my personal "silent night" in the midst of all the HooHah going on at the street just 11 levels below.

Wed [23/12] Went to SMU to meet up with my gang for the performance, happy for this chance to contribute my ideas for this celebration, had a good laugh also cuz i sat beside Ben Tay.haha. Went to meet Liting with YingJie at Bugis, we went to the MOF there and shared a ice-cream sundae, haha, cuz the rest of the stuff are too expensive for us, oh, we also got a pot of free green tea also, haha, so the table didn't look that empty.

One thing we talked about leave a deep impression in my heart, Liting said churches nowadays seems like too kua zhang, music and what not, shouldn't church be strict or stuff like that? [Ya, indeed, it seems like a lot of people are getting confused by the different christian denominations going on..a search on the net says that there might be as many as 23,000 Protestant denominations worldwide!!!!] I just told her that it's like having a house and keep changing the tv or the deco of your house, at the end of the day, it's not the style of the house that makes your house your home, but rather, the people you love that's living in it. Doesn't really matter how many times you move house of whatever, but the most important thing is your family.

Thurs [24/12] it's my first time serving as usher in a combine event. My experience?---Painful-Sweet...Painful cause the evil pairs of heels that nearly make me bleed, sweet cause it's a wonderful christmas experience =) i met an uncle that insist of chopping seats for his caregroup member, he's about the age of my dad, he's as dark and talkative as my dad too! haha...the only different is---he has a zeal for God... I didn't do anything for anyone this christmas, no cards no presents..only some sms that i mean it form the bottom of my heart, thanks for all that has taken your precious time to remember me on this christmas season, thank you for making me so surprised and loved:
  • Liting
  • Timothy Yeo Zi Min
  • Zachary Alexander Lee Shao Ren
  • Tracy Goh Hui Hui
  • Justinna Lim
  • Qinny Pei
  • Ong Eng Seng

i think i cried a lot this christmas, over the simple truth that God really loves me a lot...He is so perfect that it makes me feel so assured and secured...yet how can i still fail him time and again? how can i still didn't trust Him enough?

Fri [25/12]

i went out with kok siong and kok weng for our small christmas dinner, went to eat botak jones and then ice-cream at Udders. Simple dinner but appreciated it cause at least i don't have to be alone on christmas, think it'll be horrible if i spent my first christmas in Singapore locked in room eating maggi alone T,T


Went to visit Mv Doulos again with Kok Siong n Gerard. Today is the last day of Doulos! I'll miss it! there's an open house there, me n ks took a few funny photos. We bought two books there. I wanted to eat the one-dollar road-side ice-cream so much!! haha cause didn't eat it on tuesday cause that day everyone is like keep walking so fast..i decided agaist it lastly and drank sugar cane instead, cause i'm having a minor sore throat today.

It has been an eventful week no doubt, but somehow it feels as if a huge chunk of dunno what has been taken away.....................

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