Friday, January 1, 2010


365 days; Another year has passed me by.

I remember i ended 2008 with a high mood, toasting for 2009 ahead, anticipating where the wind will blow me to.

Well, i never thought the wind would blow me to such a dramatic year of 2009.

It ended with a low note, now for 2010 ahead, i dunno where the wind would blow me to, but, i wish it can be less dramatic bah...hmm..but is tat what i really want? a feel-nothing-live-like-this year??

Actually, i don't really want that kind of life as well.

Today, The NewPaper's front page is someone saying his new year resolution is "To Live". What's mine?

Actually, now that i come to think of it,i would rather have another dramatic year than a feel-nothing-live-like-this year...I just want a better year...


This week was quite busy with the performance rehearsal for Uni-YA anniversary dinner.

30 Dec is definitely the worse day of the month..Having stomach cramp and calf cramp and near heart cramp...

Thankfully it's all recovering now..


Exam results were out on 30 dec actually, but i was so reluctant to check cause i don't want it to spoil me new year mood, so initially i planned to check only on next week...well...i gave in to peer pressure at last and checked my result just now..

It's so-so i would say, quite happy actually cuz don't have any C..was quite happy also to hear about the results of other people..


Today is the first day of the year. Is the wind changing already? Haven't smell it yet.

Goodbye 2009..all the good and bad; ups and downs; tears and laughter...You'll be memories in my heart..I need to box you in already. need to make room for better things moving in. It's all over now.


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