Monday, January 11, 2010


First day of school. That's why i think it deserves a post.
Yr2 Sem2

Waoh, i am a sophomore =p

Ok, i shall recount the day like writing a composition for my UPSR.haha..

Woke up at 8.11am today, i was determined to get to the library before lecture starts to borrow my textbook. Glad i make it! Turns out Liting n Michelle Er are taking the same module as well =) yeah i'm not alone.

Think i'm so used to going to 99% of the classes by myself already, it's good to have a bit more company for a change. Dunno lerh, am i passive or too busy? seems like i don't have much "social life", or "weak link" going on here, those weak links are very powerful you know..

After that i got to HQ, spent some time there, had lunch with Guo Feng, Corinna, Guan Rui and Hong Yao..Hearing Guan Rui talked about his recent trip to Cambodia got me thinking bout lotsa things..

I went to WKW after that, the renovation works going on there makes the place totally unrecognizable. The dust and the noise are not the worst part actually...the worst part is the color of the doors!! Oh gosh!! Who the hack decided to put that color on all the doors in our lovely school??? IT's like a very dull purpish-pink sorta color..not flattering at all...oh well, maybe i have high degree of uncertainty avoidance, so that's why the change throws me off my feet.

I nearly fall asleep in the lecture...zZzZ...

Well, at least i finally have a module that's gonna use clicker..haha..yah i haven't touch that thing before..think the prof in our school prefer to do it the traditional way-- the hum test..haha

At least the class ended one hour earlier...went to library after that to sit down and study for next week's chapter cuz i decided not to buy book this sem..spent close to one hour reading through chapter 2..[i later realize that chp 2 is not in the syllabus T-T]

Went to HQ after that, quite bored and tired, so just sat there and chat randomly with Kuang Ting, jeek, Kok Siong n DeSouza....

I was contemplating bout skipping my earthlink meeting just now, in the end i still went for it, just feel like it is my responsibility and no matter how much i think it's a waste of time i still need to honor my commitment...[turn out it wasn't a total waste of time]

I also realized just now i cannot change my MajorPE into UE...oh well...

Feel defeated today..seems like making wrong decisions here and there...chestnut isn't cooperating with me too..

Let my heart dropped when it shouldn't have

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