Sunday, December 21, 2008

::Christmas (III)::

Oh well...6 more days to Christmas!!! Today i went to church service, and the bishop talk about How we shall all run this race and persevere till the end...It's on 2 Timothy4:1-8..He reminded all that Jesus will come as the Highest Judge for the Living and the Death...

How constantly do i forget all that? And keep on whining for my circumstances just like what the Israelites did when they were in the desert...Saying stupid things like..."how come no meat? I don't like this manna".."how come i am this..."..."how come i am that...."

Looking from an outsider point of view, i can say very easily that the Israelites are being ungrateful or even stupid and stuff...But looking at myself, how easily i fall into that as well.....I need more than blind faith, i need wisdom and discernment.

And now for the more light-hearted stuff....i made these two videos last night cause i am too bored...hope u all enjoy it and have a good laugh out of it...LOL..

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