Friday, December 19, 2008

::Christmas (I)::

OK, so it's not yet Christmas...But i already am celebrating it..haha...This week i've gone caroling with some people...and i really love it!For me, despite all the tiredness, seeing that warm smile at people faces make going around all night worth it..

And i really Thank God for blessing me with the chances to meet up with friends that i haven't seen for a long time...And also for my granduncle...[he's on dying bed just last week..n now he's at home already...]

I went to this Christmas celebration at Gaya Street last's awesome...and i even get to meet with my old primary school friends whom i have already lost contact...The performances are great and it touches me a lot..

Here's a video of it---

And i'm also planning to spend a "budget Christmas" this year...all the presents giving are too commercialized nowadays...But still...still wish that i can do something for all my beloved during this far so good, i just hope my friends will appreciate the "very very small gifts"...cuz it's really really quite ...erm...too small...But i enjoyed the process of making them....really put in a lot of effort in them....the process of making them is very enjoyable...

Sometimes, i get this small sad feeling, just like the drama i watched just now, the girl do so so many things for the guy, but in the end no one realize...And it make me wonder, what if no one like the effort i put in?

But u know, i realize that it's impossible not to felt blessed when i see the smiles in people faces...Even just for that split second, it's all worth it already...And i went to sleep with a small smile on my own face last night...hehe...i told God how happy i am that He gives me this opportunity to bring sunshine into others life...

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