Monday, December 8, 2008


have u ever had the experience of a song stuck in your head for a few days?? haha..that's what i've been having these few days..and the song that have the honor to be stuck in my head is "Amazed" by Lincoln Brewster..haha...even sing this song to sleep these few nights =p

You dance over me while I am unaware
You sing all around but I never hear the sound

Lord I'm amazed by You

Lord I'm amazed by You
Lord I'm amazed by You
And how You love me

You paint the morning sky with miracles in mind

My hope will always stand
For You hold me in Your hand
How deep how wide

How great is Your love for me

There's this best friend of mine that I have been trying to share God's Love with ever since i received Christ myself. I bought a Christmas present for her, hoping that she can see more of God's love through it...and that very same day when i tried to pass the book to her but dunno whether it's the right timing or not..God helps me....

That day i m SO SO SO amazed by God!

OK, so here's the story--
My friend wanted a book badly and the bookstore said they're out of stock, but she's a stubborn one and dragging me shops after shops to find that book...but they all said they're out of stock [that book sure is popular!] After a few days, she said she wanna go back to the very first store we tried, i told her it's impossible that they would have it cuz bookstore usually took a few weeks to stock in..she insisted that we i just kinda follow the flow...

And now the amazing thing happened!! She asked me to pra
y for her so that she can buy the book..i hesitated at first, but i remember how God ask us to lay ALL our heart to Him...So i pray silently , even though the intellectual part of my brain say it's impossible, but with God, everything is possible..and i just prayed that through small prayers like this, she could see the amazing wonder of God...

And when we went to the bookstore..they have the book!! and a lot of it!!! Even though it's just something very small and insignificant, i really wanna praise God for it!!!! Thank God for he's faithfulness!! And she recognized that the prayer was answered and thank me for it...Thank God!!

Also, lately i've been reading the book of Genesis, and the universe just intrigued me so much..last night i accidentally come across a show that have all my question in it and even answered some of them, it's a show on Discovery Channel on Stephen Hawking and his theory of Everything..

There's so many physics out there trying to come out with wonderful theories of how the world came to be, and all of them acknowledge that although Science is very advance nowadays, yet, no concrete evidence had been discovered to support all their fancy theories, another discovery just lead to another more complex question and so on....

I am just amazed by how genius God is..haha...i know genius don't sound fitting...but i really just so amazed by Him!! how Genius He is!! Einstein,
ey maybe the most brilliant minds on earth..but NEVER....NEVER will they surpass God!!

Grand Universe by *

The third amazement this week is i finally know what's up with all the "burning bushes" n prompting of the Spirit that i mentioned last time....[my small brain nearly explode on this journey of discovery..LOL..]

It's just impressed upon my heart that, What is Faith without Love and Deeds??And i think i really need to grow in these two lots more...and trust me,it is really easier said than done...being someone that has a big issue with Pride also, i really am humbled by God..By how he amazingly Love n Forgives all...ALL!! and still gives us this amazingly beautiful planet to live in~~

TG - Beauty of the Universe by `

[In conclusion]

God is So Amazing!!


  1. Yeah yeah! God is so good! =D

    Hope you're doing great over in M'sia and the Holy Spirit is moving powerfully in your heart! Continue to experience His love tangibly...

    Pray for our Christmas outreach too! We're gonna somehow believe that God will lead everyone closer to Him this Christmas...


  2. Thx for the encouragement brother T,
    yup..shall keep u all in prayers..

    May Lord add on to you more strength and courage as you continue to walk in love....