Monday, August 8, 2011


This must be crazy.

Now that i come to think of it, it's all crazy. Yet, i have this contradicting feeling inside of me that i am going to die but not.

Taking 2 part time jobs, having 1 and potentially another tuition job, paying more than what i have for rental each month, taking 5 modules this semester, doing FYP without knowing what i'm doing, taking on greater ownership in children ministry, taking care of more people in my life group, trying to be a helpful senior to the freshies, keeping in touch with my family, wanting to care for my malaysia friends more, learning guitar, doing housework, taking care of my sheep, planning meetings, being in deco ministry, wanting to spend time with my yr4 buddies, bible study, listening, talking, counselling, sharing, cleaning, cooking, washing... ...

To add to it, i am blogging now.

It's the first day of school, and i am starting to feel tired. This is all crazy, and the unknown adventures i will go through in my final year are going to be crazy as well.

Just to mentioned one that's particularly intriguing, a grandma hold my hands and walked me across the road last Saturday. Perhaps i looked too fragile, perhaps God asked her too, anyway i felt super loved <3

With that said, i think i am going to be all right if i do it with God, because He is more than able and forever faithful.

Ps: somehow ppl have the impression that i lay back and do nothing about my life, well, just wanna say that's not true, i believe in doing the best i can humanly, while knowing that life itself is not for me to control. For ppl that have known me and wonder why i said what i said, hope this clarifies. :) [i shall add a smiley face here just in case you thought i said that with much bitterness.haha]

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