Saturday, August 20, 2011


The topic of the influx of foreigners in Singapore is heating up again. While i doubt it will go down anytime soon, hearing what other people have to say hurts my heart a lot.

I am not a political student, i did not study public policy. But one thing i know, God created all men in His image and love them equally.

Take away all other considerations, i truly believe that all men should be treated with respect, regardless of whether they deserve it or not. You see, that is exactly why it's called Grace- because we never really did deserve it in the first place.

I feel sad, helpless, and muted, when i look at the loud voices out there that are saying all sorts of thing about the "other" group of people. Indonesian, Indian, Malaysian, Chinese blah blah blah.

Discussion goes on and on about whether "they" should be allowed to come blah blah blah. How about "them" then? Does anyone even want to know what "they" think?

A lot of time, i feel like being a foreigner here is a tiring thing, like being dragged to the slave market and waiting for people to shout out how much i worth without the chance of saying anything. And if i do say anything (like what i am doing now), whether people will even listen to it, much less respect it.

Sometimes (not all the time), i feel conscious walking on the street, there is this desire to blend in; there is this mute button to my mouth when i hear people talking about "foreigners", because i am guilty as charged.

Sometimes, i feel sorry for the indian man that got his bag checked at the mrt station while the rest of us walk by with equally big (if not, bigger) bags.

When the talks go on about how unfairly locals have been treated, my heart goes out for those who are sincerely trying their best to make Singapore their home and work hard with their own hands, and even those who don't seem to be "qualified to be empathized".

It is hard, leaving home and going to a foreign place where you are not welcomed to call it home. There are really some of us out there who loves our native lands a lot and at the same time are trying our best to just fit in.

Before I hear another word about fairness, equality, justice and all those big argument, i simply wish that people can start treating each other through the perspective that we are all just human. From dust we come, and to dust we will return one day. Can't we love before we judge?

Before fingers start pointing, i want to remember, the sinner that has received undeserving grace is me first and foremost.

If this post ever get noticed by more than 10 people, it will probably be hammered and shred to pieces. But i just have to say, i am not that proficient in responding to long posts.

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