Thursday, July 21, 2011


Today was an awesome, so i shall blog about an awesome revelation i had yesterday :D

I was reading someone's reflection on mission yesterday, and i was so amazed and touched when i see how God revealed His heart for the little ones to this person. We indeed serve the same mighty God and His plans shall prevail.

Last Sunday, i had the privileged of serving the little ones again. This sounds kinda creepy but there's this one day back in sabah when i was eating breakfast, and i look to the table across us, and the little boys sitting there look so much like 2 of my kids that i almost said their names out loud. LOL.

A brother brought his 2 little brothers to church, heard that they haven't come for a while. So i was very glad to bring them to church, they are amazing boys, and while talking to them, i was thinking at the back of my mind of how awesome it would be if i can win them to Christ. It is such a joy to imagine the endless possibilities of who they will be 20 years down the road if they have Jesus in their hearts.

Jotham also brought a smile to my face as the patience spent in comforting him and encouraging him to join the group paid off in the end :) This little cool kid always hold a special place in my heart, maybe it's the way he always reached out to let me hug him even when he is crying, or maybe it's that small little smile he suddenly has when he does coloring and blows bubbles.

On tuesday, i went to airport to send off the Vietnam STM team, and to my pleasant surprise, the facilitator's daughter who's going along to Vietnam is 2 years old Melia who just transferred to our group. :) She's such joyful kids with lotsa curiosity for the world around her. And i am very glad that the world around her will be guarded by her loving parents.

I have a revelation after i finished reading the mission reflection. It's not something new, but rather a confirmation of what God had placed in my heart since the Ripple Conference. The vision i had 2 years ago regarding missions was brought to mind, and i suddenly realized that the people who represents the lost that had appeared in the visions are all children! I have absolutely no idea why this has never register in my mind before. But i am glad God brings this to my attention now, to assures me once again i am on the right track.

I remember filling in the survey form handed out by a sister from The Navigators, one of the question was if i get to meet God, what would i like to tell Him. I wrote there: Am i on the right track?

That survey form later earned me a file from them, which in turn brought me to the right track, via a sister who shared Christ to me.

Stepping into the final year of Uni, i am glad God's answer is this: Yes.

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