Tuesday, March 3, 2009


An indonesian student commited suicide after stabbing his professor this monday morning. The news shocked the whole school and the whole Singapore within hours. The first few hours, people were like, asking question of what happened and why and who. But the next day, people all around started to crack jokes out of this incident, and i am one of them.

i felt bad afterward to make a joke out of such a tragic incident. The value of life is burried under achievements and depressions, and jokes. Conversations also include sharing with each other what we were doing during the time he died, some were sleeping, some were eating, others, such as myself is sitting in a classroom and wondering when the boring lesson will finally end, it makes me appreciate every single moment i have with my friends even more, let's leave no regret before it's too late...How easy it is for someone to decide to end his life just like that, life is precious, and should never be taken so lightly.

Choosing to face the reality and solving it requires much more wisdom and courage than choosing to end and avoid it.

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