Sunday, March 15, 2009


"Hi, are you a student going into uni this year?" These were the words i kept repeating for the past two days. As the two-days Open House survey ended, i am very excited by the events coming up and how the story of beautiful salvation will be for new people at the end of this whole matric period.

As i am typing away, sending e-mails to people with names and faces i cannot remember yet, i pray to God that someday, somehow, these will be the names in the list of heaven, pray that one day, they will be more than just a random name =)

As we're doing all these lately, people asked me how have i came to Singapore alone last year, and as the story was told, i often hear remarks such as"waoh, God really wants you to be here." [ if u dunno the story and would like to know more, please contact eva at her private phone line.] This simple sentence hit close to my heart yesterday during service, while i was standing there with fellow loved ones, something inside of me stirs: God really wants me to be here. Here standing, here singing, here just in His presence.

Thank God for the amazing story of beautiful salvation that is still in progress. One day, my loved ones who were not believers will also come to see this, that God really wants me to come to Singapore, so that they too, will come to Him. By faith, i know that this day will come.


  1. what's ^^ supposed to mean? heehee...encouragement for me?

    haha...i always invite u to come to church wif me u also never come eh..owe me oone ok? >.<

    btw, invite me to ur blog eh.