Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today is a significant day-
Today i have my first new caregroup.
Today is my 7th month of this walk with God.
Today i am staying over at Jing ying's house.

Now i am sitting in Miss Teng Jing Ying's room...typing away as i wait for her to finish showering =p

Today sounds so special hor?...
Actually everyday is special, every single time i open my eyes, it signify another new day ahead of me, good or bad, i don't know, but one thing for sure, another new day signify another day with God, another day to know more about God, another opportunity for me to know and love people around me. It also means another day to eat! haha, ok, it's all no link, but it all fits into my schedule for one new day, for God calls us to do all these and more.

Thx for people and today's cg, it helps me a lot to step out of my emo mode.

Gonna fix my eyes upon Jesus ^^

Good night! Tomorrow shall be another glorious day for God! WooHoo!!!!

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