Friday, January 2, 2009


Happy New Year!! WooHoo~~ I'm back in Singapore!! Today is a very tiring day indeed!! after i reach Johor airport straight jump into the cab and then allllllllllll the way down to NTU...then after that i spent the whole afternoon cleaning my room...Gosh!!! have no idea the lot of dust that manage to move in to my room just in one month time...

Anyway...then i met up with YanYu, Jing Ying, Jing Ting, Zach, Qi Min and Yang Chao...have a wonderful time at dinner...[and thx for all the warm welcome also dears.. ^^] Very happy to get to know Yang Chao..Really looking forward to many more time to spend with you all as the semester starts...

Oh is round the conner...guess this semester i REALLY need to put in more effort to do revisions..due to...erm...consequences i suffered from last sem =p

As i flew across the ocean and bid farewell to Sabah...I realized the one-month test i set up for myself have come to an end also...And i m very happy to announce that i didn't waste my stay at Sabah and i'm trully grateful for everything that has happened there, not forgeting also all my dear friends who are there and have encouraged me a lot [without even knowing it i think]

As the year 2009 starts..i can't wait to hop onto this ride and see where it will take me....the air is filled with new possibilities and exciting adventures waiting for me...just as how i have predicted 2008 would be at the start of last year...but man! i never knew at 1st Jan 2008 how awesome the journey would be!

So, here's a toast for the amazing year ahead!!!!!

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