Friday, March 16, 2012


God told me i need to make Him my life support, not my ministry help or financial genie. I guess that makes sense.

Right after i said yes, things just start to happen, by things i mean unpleasant things.

I am thankful, really. If not for the intensity of tiredness and stress that I haven't felt for such a long time, I would have forgotten this basic truth that is so simple but so hard to live by.

People ask me how to depend on Him more, how to rely on Him, how to hear from Him, how to know their purpose in life etc...

There's really no short cuts, no formulas.

I am glad i took the time and effort to join the Ripple Conference this year (10 March 2012). I have this secret little dream that is too big for me and i've actually never give up on it all along. So i am really comforted when pastor prayed for me and said that God will send me a team of like-minded people to do this very unique ministry together.

I guess i got so many "good luck to that man." kind of response along the way that i have not even considered the possibility of other people having the same kind of passion and burden as me, because i doubt if it could even be done, what more asking other people to join me in this.

Really thankful, I am excited to meet my team members one day! :)

(perhaps i will show them this post one day. )

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