Thursday, May 17, 2012


i always think that human is a multi-layered being where the bad guy is not just the bad guy and the guy who's obsessed with other things as well.

Recently, i am finding it harder and harder to have so many layers to my being. I think it's because all these layers are SO drastically different from each other. I kinda like all the layers i currently have, except my evil twin of course, but i am starting to feel so divided. K-pop me; classical music me; missionary me; adventurous me; shy me; escapism me; lazy me; motivated me; advertiser me; nature me; sfkskfnakehcleckjghslkfcgjhdlkcjwfjwakne

perhaps, it's because i do not have someone who understands more than one or two layers of this complicated mind.

moments like this, 我突然深深地体会到伯牙与子期的情怀。知音。我的身边,真的没有知音吗?除了创造了我、爱着我的神之外,真的一个也没有了吗?


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