Tuesday, May 3, 2011


have been wanting to blog..but there's a lack of time, and the lack of a suitable one-word title.

it has been an intensive 3 weeks for the new lifegroup that i am currently in, it feels like God 很看得起us, that it seems like He put us right to the training ground with no "chill & relax & do nothing" time in between.

Personally it has been an emotion roller-coaster for the past 3 weeks. Great joy and great sorrow.
And man, it's so tiring to experience both at the same time.

Within the past 3 weeks, we had one new spiritual baby, one death in the family of one of our LG member, LG sleepover, Easter season, ANOTHER new spiritual baby, my uncle having car accident, winning a car-squeezing contest, exam season.

So it's like: happy, sad, happy, sad etc.

Personally for me, it tested what i promised God before about having control over my emotions and to go beyond the call of duty despite my tiredness. Many many times, i am tempted to just call people i know and spill out all my emotions and be comforted, to have people give me a pat at the back or tell me it's alright, then i realized, God is the best comfort and support i can ever have. It is one thing to know that God will comfort us, quite another to really be comforted by Him personally. It just put everything to rest and assurance.

I am glad that i am closer to God through these 3 weeks, and having the faith to know for sure that no matter what happen, God holds us in His hands.

Thank you.

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