Sunday, March 27, 2011


There's this joke that people in my church always made: there's hope in Hope.
it's kinda lame, but, not less true...

Today is a beautiful day. Very blessed by the time at Hope Tots.

Today i manage to made Jotham, the uber cool kid, laugh. Glenda actually remembered my name and ask to sit with me during worship. Joanne actually talk.

Aunty Jane commented that one of the kids, Caleb, is very fluent in speech, and i replied: yup, time to move on already. (ps: once a kid reach the age of 4, he/she will move on to another "SubD")

As i look at my ministry with the children, i realized how similar it is to discipleship in the uni group.

When they are still young, you try to run around catching them, make sure they don't fall, make sure they don't eat the wrong stuff, trying very hard to explain to them why cannot do certain things.

And when one day you see them telling the other kids don't cry, picking up the toys when they fall on the floor, come into the room and know where to put the bag and where to put the shoes, then you'll know, they are ready to move on already. They have already grown up and your job here at this phase of their life is done.

It's kinda a bitter-sweet moment, just hoping that maybe they can stay back at this place a little while more because you've grown to love them so much. Yet, at the same time, you can't wait to let go your hands so that they will really soar and find their own joy in that sky. Even if 10 years down the road, they might not remember you name, it will just make you proud to know that you have been part of that life.

(i sound like a mum :) this is my happy complaint )

Anther small gift form God is the glorious view of sunset i managed to catch just now, it's far better than any romantic scene in korean drama. For the reason that it's from God and He even bothered to gave it to me.

And i met Serene "the church-planter" today, and in her conversation with another sister, i heard the word "Nepal" and my eyes lit up. That's my bucket-list country! Therefore, i shall exercise more (like i did today) so that if i were to go Nepal or Tibet one day, no one can tell me my body is too weak therefore cannot go. Nope, i shall let no doctors and well-meaning people stop me.

The meh meh is gonna be a guitarist, i am quite happy and proud of her, i hope that one day i will see her soar too.

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