Thursday, February 24, 2011


One of the things i take away from cg last night- everyone has a special story to tell.

it's true what eng how once told me: everyone is normal until you become their shepherd..oh well, in my case, a caregroup member.

was just musing over this on the bus to hougang just now.

The couple sitting in front me of me, i wonder what's their story..they look about 30-ish, with no rings so might be not married yet.. the lady keep staring at the baby sitting across them while the guy tried to look away or have some small chat with the girlfriend. i wonder if the guy don't like children, why doesn't he like children? commitment? fears? memories from the past? or is it he already has children? (you'll never know). how about the lady, will she feel sad that she don't has a kid yet? does she even want a kid? hmmmm

how about the mum with the daughter, why did she come to the zoo alone with a less than 2 year old toddler? where is the husband? does she even has a husband?

and that couple hugging each other over there. how long have they know each other? do they really love each other? will they marry each other?

and the baby boy who just can't seem to sit will his story be 20 years down the road?

it's really interesting to think of all these, apart from stopping me from falling asleep while standing and knocking over someone, think it's just quite amazing how in 24 hours, every single person on this earth are weaving our own stories...and after the sun set and rise, some continue while others not, yet, still other starts theirs anew....

on the cab back to NTU, had the fortunate experience of getting to know a very interesting uncle...his story is very amazing as well.. at the age of 50 plus, he have had a fairly good life, with amazing story to tell about his life...perhaps after i retire, i can be a cab driver as that i can tell my story to others (hope it's amazing enough, haha)

hope i will meet him again...well, i guess it's another of those amazing things about life, how in that half an hour, together in that tiny space, we share our stories and our life, and when i closed the door behind me, he became just another face in the crowd and we might never meet each other ever again...

Behind every name is a story.
Behind every story is God's unfailing love.

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