Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I'm blogging from my cubicle right now. Can't believe i actually stayed back until this time. And that i am actually blogging on the only day i stayed back.

Honesty is hard to live out nowadays, i'm not sure whether it's good or not..but i've learnt over the years that people treasure honesty, but not when it's something they do not want to hear.

I've learnt to smile when I disagree with people, instead of saying it out. I've learnt that it's called acceptance and grace, not sure whether it is even right.

Honesty, one thing that I cannot practice most of the time.
Whether at school, or at work, or at home, or on the street, or at church.

Nope I am not feeling emo..I'm just feeling confused, I guess. I'm confused if even this feeling is called confused.

Is it wrong? to speak out loud what everyone knows to be true? to state the fact and ask why is it like that?

I feel tempted to post certain things in my mind right now..but i shall refrain..yet another honesty that perhaps will make people feel uncomfortable..

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