Thursday, December 23, 2010


Today marks the end of exam, not much big deal really, compared to the rest of the stuff going on.

I dunno if i'm slow or what, but i just realized today that i will have no holiday AT ALL this time around, but doesn't matter! i wouldn't trade it for anything else.

It's just quite intimidating, that's all.

the thought of working full time for the next 6 months starting from next next week. Don't really know what to expect, and i really hope that i can utilize the next sem apart from going from project to project.

i am like a shifting shadows, and i changes, a lot.
just recently, i decided not to go into advertising after all, there's just this aura that i couldn't quite pen down until today. As i was sitting in the exam hall taking my advertising exam, it suddenly dawn on me, like a revelation.

I don't like advertising cuz most of the time your hard work is not equivalent to your result. so what if you are diligent and hardworking? so what if you stay up all night to think of ideas? at the end of the day, if it's not accepted, then it's nothing, just another piece of paper to be thrown away. Well, of course no one will discredit the hard work one has to put in for every single ad, it's just that, the whole thing seem so not....fair...

yah, i know,i am a childish person to still be thinking that it would be fair in the working world. me being childish is not equivalent to it being good though.

just now was reading the book Experiencing God, one thing i realize i've been doing more- planning, one thing i've been doing less- praying. This is totally not good. It's not really about this one best or that one best, and the end of the day, even if it's best in everyone's eyes, what good is it if it's not what God wants me to do?

"What good would Abraham have done by telling God how he was planning to take a survey of Sodom and Gomorrah and go door-to-door witnessing the day before God was going to destroy the cities?"

totally loving the analogy.
it's not WWJD, but rather, What Does Jesus Wants Me To Do?

As it marks the end of year 3 semester 1 for me, it also marks the end of my school life with the nbs peeps forever. yah, my RB told me at the beginning of this sem that i should treasure this sem cuz it will be the last we'll have together as school mates.

have i treasured this sem well?

asi asi

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