Monday, January 3, 2011


My brain is having traffic jam.
i really don't have the time to sit down and summarize every single thing that has been happening lately, that's because there's no break in between the things.

Went to STM at Jemara straight after Christmas (which was itself straight after exam), and after i came back, i started my internship with only one day break in between. (spent the day lying on bed feeling tired and watched some dramas to compensate for my lack of holiday). All in all, it's like so many happenings that should have taken longer to happen, but somehow, dunno why, they all happened in one shot.

I really want to write down every single thing, but for now, i shall settle on writing about the first day of my internship (cuz this is the easiest to write.)

I spent half of the day memorising the terms and conditions of different types of zoo membership packages, the other half of the day cross-checking application forms and the database. In conclusion, if you want to kill your dreams and destroys your purpose in life, do this for one month.

But i do believe that i won't be doing this for that long..a few days at most? I am hoping that it will kill off all those selfish dreams of mine, who knows, all this dream-killing might turn out for the better good.

Apart from that, all my colleagues seem quite nice, i was sick today so i probably looked like a totally hopeless intern in front of them, don't think i contributed much, but slowly bah, things will pick up along the way i think :)...And the office is literally stuffed with stuffed animals, i have pictures of giraffes swimming in my head now. Personally, my favorites are the flamingos and the orang utans (i mean the soft toys).

The best part about working in zoo?

Today i saw quite a few animals that I've never seen in my life, i'm taking my time slowly to explore every small corner of the zoo. Saw the white tiger, babirusa, tapir, kangaroo (do you know that they never stop growing?!), emu, pygmy hippo, warthog (man they are smelly!) , baby peacock (they were roaming around right outside my office).

The best part of the day?

Today i saw the most beautiful sunset in Singapore ever since i came here 2 and a half years ago. A big big lake, and the sun with orange clouds, with nothing in between (like literally no building at all.)...thanks Jesus for the first day gift :)

I know it's from Him because only Him always gives me unexpected gifts that is the best.

Went to Sing Africa event, 2 things encourages me the most:
1, the people from Hope Kenya
2, the people from Hope Singapore

i love the song one of the brother has composed by himself (sorry, i honestly can't remember the name ;p)...simple and sweet...i love the sharing that is sincere and sweet (basically, everythins is sweet.)

i am encouraged by the people form Hope Singapore as well, for being hospitable and caring, but most of all, for having the hearts to go and do missions and plant churches, frankly, sometimes i thought that i am the only one with all these crazy ideas in my head, lately, after interacting with more people, i realized that i am not the only one that's "crazy" around here, and it's very comforting to know that :)

The reflection of the day: as i walk around zoo wearing my staff badge, people started asking me questions, as if i know, but i guess it make sense, it's like if i am wearing the badge, it's as if somehow i SHOULD know everything and anything about the zoo and be prepared to answer any question, well, at least that's how i've treated hotels staff, teachers, doctors, etc, all those that wear that shiny little thing called badge.

The funny thing is, it doesn't take a genius to know that wearing a badge doesn't make you an encyclopedia. Yet we all go on expecting it.

Personally, i think it's a valuable lesson to be learnt at both ends.

As ambassador of Christ, am i prepared to go out there in "Christ's Disciple" badge and handle every single question and expectation that might come my way? yes, sometimes they are unreasonable, but am i ready to handle them? After all, even if asking an advertising student about zoology is unreasonable, it doesn't mean that i cannot go and read up on zoology so that i can be prepared to answer the next excited tourist.

On the other hand, do i have enough grace and love to see that my leaders, my shepherd and my brothers and sisters are not "know-it-all"? we are all, after all, still living in this side of the heaven. sometimes we think to ourselves : don't tell me they don't even know what this verse means?....why cant' he get what i'm trying to say here? how shepherd? so how?...i thought leaders should be better that what i am seeing now?....

Let's have less excuses and more diligence;
Let's have less planks and more grace.

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