Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Life has been full of unexpected little surprises, jokes, and blessings for the past few days :)

Firstly, my laptop got a new name! Whee~ it's called alegria, it means joy in spanish, cuz there's just so much joy in my life recently, and also i really wanna learn my spanish properly, who knows, it might come to use one day.

Last Sunday was chaos at Hope Tots, a few kids were crying and screaming so insanely loud that they drown out the music during praise and worship, and poor Kah Ong need to scream at the top of his lung during Bible story time. But, the worst of all is poor poor Anne, TWO kids puke on her!! TWO!!

I tried using guitar during worship time for the very first time in Hope Tots, the kids were fascinated b the guitar but they couldn't really hear it properly cuz the crying voices are just too mighty for my poor old guitar.

During worship, i said : "ok kids, now let's sing the song Jesus loves me", one boy actually look up to me earnestly :"chicken?" ...understandably, the adults in the room start to burst out in pure joy...hahaha..i look at him :"no dear, not chicken, it's Jesus"...haha...kids...they are the best :)

At night after having dinner with Kok Siong and Gerard at can2, it suddenly pour down madly. It's like all the women in heaven decided to cry together...or something like that.

In the end, i was soaked and my feet were "dipped" in mud water, yet somehow, i feel strangely satisfied and happy and thankful.

I remembered the days when i was still in primary school, my mum will walk me to and fro the school every single day. And when it rains, she will bring raincoat and slippers for me and we'll brave the shallow flood together.

I remembered the feeling of the mud water rushing through my tiny toes. there's one time that it rain so heavily that we can't even cross the pool of water, it's so fortunate that we manage to meet this lady that offer us a ride.

Last Sunday night felt like that time.

I feel happy waiting for the shuttle bus that seems to take forever to come, because somehow i feel so alive. Somehow knowing that rains and muds are still real in my world, knowing that i am not living in a shell made of steel, knowing that nature is still alive...all these feelings coming together, just make me feel thankful.

Today we had Short Term Missions team meeting.Extremely thankful that somehow God has made the impossible possible, it has been month of uncertainty, one moment i can go then the next cannot, then can, then cannot...it has been months of really saying there's pnly so much i can do and the rest is totally up to God's will...Very thankful for the time as well, we are definitely very different, but that's gonna make it all the more exciting! :)

Thankful that my bank account has more money than i thought, therefore i am able to fund the trip on my own. Thankful for my dear Wildboar that lend me the money, thankful for my dear shepherd who silently help me pay off the rest.

Thankful that i found $1 under the table just now while cleaning up :)
Thankful for the unknown person who left his/her ju hua cha behind, it was put to good used in blessing another person :)

May my week continue to be such as the rest of my week will be loaded with stuff.

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