Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Today i've been reading blogs...now that i have my own laptop ( with a million shoutouts of thanks to "papa"), it will be easier to "stalk" people. with lotsa loves of course.haha

i realised blogging this kinda thing can easily go both ways- helpful or harmful.

i feel a bit sad that i can only hear people's true thoughts through a screen.
i feel sad that perhaps this is because i haven't been caring enough.
i feel sad that so many people are seemingly living a mask.

On another notes, today is really an amazingly blessed days, in so many ways.

i'm thankful for so many people in my life that cross my path today. ( you know who you are :))
i'm thankful for this new laptop.

i'm extremely thankful to God.
and i feel like the quote in my blog is so true in so many ways- we are only strong if we stood even in the storm, we are only giving if we gave even when it hurts.

yah, it's a bitter-sweet day. But it's worth it

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