Sunday, October 3, 2010


those who know me well knows that i am a CLUMSY's some of my records:
  1. broke a glass in KBox cuz i jump around while singing and my hand just dunno how swept across the table and the glass shattered. I put the glass cup back on the table and pretend nth happened and walk out of KBox. Sorry KBox.
  2. i was touching the christmas deco in one of those very expensive branded apperal shop, onw of the christmas ball dropped and roll across the floor with the salesgirl staring at me.
  3. i always dripped sauce on my shirt. Gerard can testify to this, he once counted how many times i dropped food onto myself while eating.
  4. i tried a ring in a shop before and the whole top part broke when i try to take the ring out.
  5. i lost a tshirt in the washing machine, yah i dunno what happened.
  6. etc. etc. etc.

The point is, i m so clumsy!

today i paid the consequence, literally.

i walked into a gift shop, Precious Thought; touched one of the small box; it dropped; roll across the floor; i paid


one week of allowance gone.

why am i me?

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