Thursday, September 30, 2010


Dear Yeo,

This is an open letter to you, since you warm my heart by commenting that my blog has been dead for a while.

for those irrelevant people who are reading this, tim yeo is a typical singaporean. He dreams of getting married soon...he loves God but hate bunny.

my blog has been dead for a while.. cuz i m just so lazy to blog..
i m very old school... just love my paper n pen..

and i love talking to people face to face. non-verbal communication do account for 70% of our communication, after all..

my blog might be revived after all...due to my slack schedule..
living life is difficult..i might need to vent it off here once in a while..

so tim, keep reading my blog k during your office hour.

tim is my idol, if he can sing, so can i!

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