Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I was thinking through in my small little mind whether i should write this post or not..I was kinda scared that people might misunderstood me..but i decided after that if the person who is reading this sincerely love me and know me, then he or she would understand..and even if i really make no sense at all, i hope you who are reading this will approach me for clearification ^^

OK..you might thinking: what's the big deal? is she gonna announce her sudden wedding on her blog? is she quitting school and moving to North Pole?

well...the good news [or is it bad news for some?] is..it's none of the above..haha..[or maybe only me will have such speculations as someone commented lately that i think of life too dramatically =p]

It is my wish for my birthdays coming up, that my friends and family will not give me any unnecessary gifts..not even a slice of cake please..

For my birthdays starting from now, and including christmas..It is my sincere wish that no money will be wasted on unnecessary stuff like cake or toys or ear-ring..

Bibles of different languages or translation...or an angpow...or life necessity will be deeply appreciated...

But most of all, if you truly wish me well..
I just need the presence of people i love and people who love me in my life.

This is something that i have become convicted about recently. To live a life of simplicity and contentment.

If anyone have any questions, please do ask me personally.
If you find my conviction stupid, please keep to yourself thank you.

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