Tuesday, August 25, 2009


It's a boring title-School...(sarcasm comes in--oh gosh..how exciting can that be? why blog about school?)

I'm writing this in the middle of the night, listening to some great songs on youtube..cuz the thumbdrive i got for free during Freshman Welcome Day took EXTREMLY long to format..don't ask me why..

oh well..that's why i decided to blog about boring topics such as school..


Actually, come to think of it, school is not that horrible or boring..well, at least for me (sarcasm comes in again--oh! easy for you to say..you're communcation student, how hard can that be compared to what others study?) yeah, i thank God that i have get rid of my calculator for one year already, and i plan to keep it that way.

but still, i have my fair share of sleepless nights, readings, tutorials, project meetings..blah blah blah...But think all these are only like the banana in the banana split (i personally don't like banana)..the banana split will turn out awesome even with the horrible banana in it..

hmm..it seems like i am babbling..

oh...the thumbdrive finally finish formatting...

the point of this post is--i love school!!
because i have found the reason to give it my all and my best..and know that all that i'm studying today is not merely for my GPA..

(sarcasm went away..cuz eva too weird..lol)

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  1. DENG...hey girl...i think i will put u aeroplane again this sat eh...haih....