Tuesday, May 26, 2009


If you were to describe your holiday thus far (for those having hoilidays anyway), wat word would you use to describe it??

Hmm...for me..i would say Fruitful ^^

Another word would be tiring..haha...have been running here n there ever since holidays starts, and doing a lot of stuff...quite eventful i would say...bt seriously, i enjoyed all these tiredness a lot..sounds weird, but it's true...i would choose this over staring at my ceiling and watching drama anytime...

From Post Exam Event...Uni-YA Camp...numerous Sub-D and Unit meeting...and CG....and meeting up people....and exam results.....and sister's outing....and new working experience....

Thank God for all of these...certainly not everyday is "happy wonderland"...but every single experience along the way is precious, and will treasure them a lot down the road....

This is only the 5th week of my holidays, still too soon to conclude anything..haha..but jz wanna remind myself constantly not to forget all that has been spoken to me.

Was just reading "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made" by Dr.Paul Brand & Philip Yancey just now. It talks about how God designed us to be all different, and it is not by accident. And how different cells perform different task in order to keep our body running smoothly.

Looking at people in my life, honestly, i don't know a lot of them for too long..a few months at most? But somehow i feel very close to them, (please bear with me, feeling emotional now..) These are people who love me genuienly..

As i know a lot of them closer during this holiday, i am touched by all of them, despite we being different, but still able to function together. Being a very nature person, i always marveled and awed by God's creativity that's displayed in the natural environment around us..But what awed and humbled me the most is how beautifully He had created us to be...yes, this is a rotten world, not everyone is Snow White...but when i see people with a heart that's cleansed by God, can really catch a glimpse of how He had pictured us to be when He first breathed life into Adam.

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