Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's the week of exam, and i have so so much to blog about! But have been refraining myself to blog about it cuz need to focus on my exam..heehee..

Have been very very stress for the past week until just now 6.30pm. Yet at the same time this is the happiest exam that i has ever went through in my entire short-19-year of life (not yet bday,so still 19 ok??)

Wanna thx everyone that has blessed me so much throughout this exam period!! With prayers, encouragements, as well as small gifts, it warms my heart.... =)

Just now i was at the climax of my stress-- haven't finish studying for french, my core module dunno what's going on, and i lost my matric card.... But when i look to God, suddenly everything fall into place...and i'm just really very grateful that i have pull through 3 of my toughest paper, the result good or bad, i dunno, but what i do know is i have given my best..And i think this is a form of thanking God as well for His faitfulness in evry aspect of my life.

What reli made me let go of my unnecesary stress and look to God???-------The answer IS-------- (drum roll please!)--A song! haha...sounds lame, but it's true.

I think a song is more than a song when it ment something in your heart, and this song gives me the faith and the strength i needed just in time...This song is----Love Enough.

Your love’s enough to see the broken hearts
Gain a brand new start with a brand new heart
As the faithful hope in things unseen
You’re enough to see all the things they dream
Come to life

We’re living in the Saviour today
And this day is what we have now
In this moment we have chosen to praise
And it’s changing how we live now

Your love it broke my fall
It’s more than enough and I need it
‘Cause I’ve never known better
And I’ll never know better

This love will see me soar
It’s more than enough and I need it
‘Cause I’ve never known better
And I’ll never know better

Your love’s enough to see the humbled man
Find the cause of Christ
With his outstretched hands
As the cripple grabs his mat to walk
You’re enough to save him from the pain he bore

My Saviour
You’ll never let me go
My life is now secure

My Saviour
You’ll never let me go
And in Your hands my future’s brighter

I just feel like God is speaking to me with the first paragraph in this song. Last time my exam results are quite good, but what are they compared to the new heart and new life i have now?? Last time i have results but no life, going through exams after exams without knowing what am i doing...and i NEVER wanna go back to that ever again. WooHoo!! Thank God for this exam period..

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