Tuesday, April 21, 2009

::Exam (II)::

This exam is not over, and it has proven itself to be a testimony to lives touches by God and wonders done in His name. Hmm...how do i even start?

1. Lives touches by God-

Yesterday was Eng Seng and Kuang Ting's Bday. I'm so happy and glad to be able to celebrate their birthday with them. Kuang Ting shared also about how his life is totally changed in just a one year time. How can i thank YOU enough for thsi chance to share their joy with them? And to think that i am also part fo this joy, it is just...beyond words...

2. Wonders done in His name-

Anyone want to know how miracles and wonders happen? It is done by people who seek Him sincerely and ernestly, and by His grace that He has chosen to shower all these blessings upon His children. Prayers is powerful, never underestimate it as just another religious ritual.

Just last Saturday, i was telling God how tired i was, and how reluctant i was to go to tuition the next day. And Voila, during service, i received a message from my tuition kid's mum saying that they would like to cancel the tuition the next day. It is truly what it meant as: For your Father know what you need before you ask Him. (Matthew 6:8) I thank God for blessing me ever so generously, and indeed i had used that Sunday studying for my next paper, which turns out to be very useful.

Then Monday morning i have my second-last exam, there was this question that i had memorised all the important points, but just dunno why i just can't remember the final point. Then i remember something - just Pray. i know this sounds exaggerating, but, the moment i open my eyes and stared at the paper again, i know the answer. That moment i was sitting there all smiley-face and just feel like wanna laugh very loudly cuz it's so cute..

Yesterday, Ying Jie and i went to the Sports Hall cuz want to pray for Hai Yin before her exam, and behold...Hai Yin was not there when we reach, why? cause she say she don't want to go for that paper already. Ying Jie and i quite stunt, but anyway, she'll have another paper today and we jsut hope that we'll be able to pray for her today. Actually i just came back from praying for her, and Ying Jie and i super happy and amazed cause we nearly missed her and thus missed the chance to pray for her..God timing is really perfect. =)

BTW, congrats to Eva, it's her 8th month spiritual Birthday!! WooPeey!!

Tomorrow shall be the last day of my exam, super excited!! haha...HOLIDAY

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