Wednesday, March 19, 2014


It has been a while since I updated this blog, and it has also been a long while since I attended a church regularly. Recently I start attending a church called Kingdom City. And it is the most-right(?) (最对的) decision I have made in a while.

It was a long story, and it could be short as well, in short, God lead me. Every single step of the way, He was there.

I guess it started with Val, my awesome (ex-)colleague who invited me to visit her church for a few times since she joined the company. I had so many excuses on why I couldn't go to church, and they were all legit, but inside of me, I knew they were all just excuses that could be easily overcome, I was just unwilling to take the extra step.

After visiting Singapore over a short weekend, I knew I couldn't live with that excuses anymore. During the worship service at Hope, God is simply asking me: isn't this what you want for your life Cassie?

And I couldn't say no to that.

So after coming back from Singapore, I approached Val and said that I want to visit her church that weekend. And you know what, she was about to leave the company already the period of time I asked her. Waoh! It could have easily been another story of "I should have" or "too bad", but God guided me just at the right timing, I think He knew that I needed this and He didn't want me to miss out on where He wants me to be.

During my first time there, I felt totally lost, I was a complete stranger, the message that week wasn't anything charismatic, it was about serving and encouraging people to volunteer in ministries. This is the first time that I go to a church and feel so foreign, now I kinda know how new people feels haha.

But you know what? Right from the beginning, I knew that this is the place where I should be.

During worship, I had so many questions: is this the church I should settle at? should I try to connect to the local Hope at KL? should I visit some other "famous" churches? How can I tell if I should settle at this church? And during worship, I was just so embraced by the Spirit of God at that place that I know that is the answer. There might still be many things I do not know about this church, the way they do things and some of their views might be different, but that all fade to the background the moment I knew that God is with this church.

And so on the same weekend, after spending only 2 hours there, barely knowing anyone, I went and signed-up for the Kids Ministry (it was the Serving week, remember?). Haha.  I went to their ministry training last Saturday, and God told me that this will be a season of circumcision. The season of circumcision before marching into Jericho. ( I am pretty sure you can't sense my excitement from across the screen, but I really am very excited on what God is going to do in the coming year.)

As I am typing this, I just came back from a church event called "This is Kingdom City", which basically introduces the church to new comers. It was such a great blessing to be there tonight. First of all, my company used to have a regular weekly meeting on Tuesday nights, so when I first knew about this event, I was not sure if I wanted to go, and after I decided to go, I was thinking that I can just sneaked out before the meeting start (which is kinda a bad testimony by the way). But just last week, my boss announced that from THIS week onward, we will be having the weekly meeting on Monday morning instead! How cool is that, just in time for this week's event ( and tonight I also found out that their Bible study classes are on Tuesday night. Waoh!)

During the event, a video was shown. Towards the end, photos of the 3 cities Kingdom City is currently in flashes across the screen. That split second, something hit me so hard that  I couldn't stop the tears from rolling down. God spoke to me: This is my city, these are my people.

So simple, yet more powerful that I have ever imagined it to be. How many times have I failed to see that myself? That Phnom Penh belongs to Jesus, that Kuala Lumpur belongs to Jesus, that Perth belongs to Jesus. Indeed, Kingdom City.

This has been such a humbling 3 weeks for me. In a new place where no one knows who I am, people enfold me as they would a new believer. Explaining to me why going to Connect Group is so important, and me not having the attitude of "yeah yeah, been there, done that". Taking the initiative to help clean up the venue even though I know no one around me, silently picking up the garbage and not expecting a thanks (at most weird glances cuz they have no idea who is this girl who pops out from no where haha). I am learning again how to be a servant of all.


  1. Okay, this made me are awesome, Cassie! Love you,

    Your 'ex', as you put it (hahahaha, told you, you always crack me up!)

  2. WOW, I am so glad you made your choice. Speaking from your heart is so encouraging to me. May your journey bring you to higher ground and blessings.Wanting to hear more of your testimonies......


  3. all the best in your new church

    - anonymous 'friend' fr. SG