Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In communication school, we learn that every single person on the earth is bias.
Today, i learn that cassie eva seow is self-righteous.

i never thought of myself as self-righteous, seriously!
proud, yes..sarcastic, yes...skeptical, yes...
But today I am humbled to see myself in the mirror as the self-righteous person i really am.

i was going to maybank, and when i reach the ATM machine there was a long queue of bangladeshi-looking guys...i walked away telling myself that i will come back later when the queue is shorter.

But when i got back after a stroll in the pet shop, the queue got longer, so i decided to wait.
Then i told myself that i am really bored standing there, so i shall read the philosophy book i borrowed from the library to kill time.

Then it dawn on me.
The truth is...
I don't want to queue there..
I don't want to stand near them..
I don't want to be associated with them..
I want to appear more sophisticated than them...
I want to avoid interaction with them..

well of course social scientist can tell you all about the theories we tend to create different social distance to associate ourselves with people that we like and are similar to us...

I see the truth about myself...

how can i claim to love the world and want to be a missionary if my compassion and mercy and non-judgmental "eye" has an on-off button?

love should not be an emotion we indulged in only with people we prefer.
love should not be a charity work we engaged in only after we see disaster happen to others.

i wonder what would Jesus do?

He probably will have a nice chat with the guy next to me about his girlfriends, and by the time He reach the ATM machine, He would already have shown heavens to that whole line of people.

He probably will be one of the man lining up there with passerby looking at Him and thinking "get out of my sophisticated country".....

these people don't exist in a far away land where i will one day go and change their life.[as ignorant as i am.]
it's here and now...and how easily have i missed the point that Jesus mentioned:
"whatever you did not do for the least of these, you did not do for me." [matt25:45]

and when i was queuing up at 179 bus stop, again i see how much more comfortable i am standing there..i almost feel proud standing there shows that i am a university student reading a hard-to-understand book. [seriously, i don't actually get what i am reading.]

i learn a precious lesson today.
may it be remembered and not forgotten as i walked away from the mirror.

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