Thursday, September 17, 2009


(At the Lost counter)

Unknown: Excuse me miss, how can i help you?
Eva: I lost my journal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes!! I lost my journal!! T_T
how can this happen? ok lah...actually i lost my stuff quite frequently can i lost such an important thing??!!!

this journal have a very special place in my's very precious to me..
although it is just grey in color and nothing special at first glance..
but this journal has endured the best of the past 4 months with me =(

i started to wrote lengthy daily entry in this special journal since holiday started last April.
This journal has endured my tears n sweat n saliva throughout these short period of time we spent together...

together with me faithfully and be a testimony of my life.

it's like...
losing a big pile of love letters your most precious one wrote to you everyday!!
*sob sob*

and to add to that, i have really really really lousy memory retantion...and i dun wanna forget all these precious things that has happened to me......


so...Unknown, can u help me find my precious journal?

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