Thursday, June 25, 2009


Watched Transformer II just now...think it's quite good...the whole movie got a feel of epic and greatness to it..Think a lot of time that's one of the reasons why i love most of my all-time favourite movies, such as Star Wars..Lord of the Rings..Pirate of the Caribbeans...

Today is also ShuMing's bday...Actually that's the reason i went to cinema for the first time in Singapore [apart from because Transformer is an awesome movie], yup, it's true, despite being in Singapore for close to a year already, today is the first time i step into the cinema..

Think today is quite a nice gathering, manage to talk and relax...Feel touched also that she came out to meet us despite being sick..hope she truly enjoyed today ^^

There's one quote i love a lot in this movie--

"Human is capable of great compassion,
and at the same time great destruction"
-Optimus Prime

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