Monday, June 15, 2009


That is the first "module" that kick start our School of ACTSpotential yesterday. Overall, it's a very fun and good experience, i learn a lot personally also in this short one day. After the event, i heard a comment bout the Gastronomania actually have very little thing to do with eating actually, which is not what all of us have expected..hahaha...oh well, but the title is not important, we can just as well called it ABC and still enjoyed it as much ^^

My group--Einstein, come in last yesterday...muahaha...due to our "lateness" and i think our points are deducted to negative or close to that.LOL

Yesterday was a really good learning experience for me, being a participant who wass trying to engage my freshies, and being the photographer at the same time...There's too much to pen down here. But just wanna share one of the easier to pen down one.wakaka

Think when i got back home and reflect bout the day, i realize despite the tiredness..and being in the last position, our team has won today. This realization comes not easily, being a very proud person myself who thinks about winning all the time. But something inside me just stirred, as if it's asking me: Do you really think your group is a big loser today?... What is "winning" anyway? How do you define it?...

God doesn't view victory and winning as how my puny little mind thought, looking from the perspective of eternity, our team was very victorious yesterday, we are all learning and trying to support each other, and did not let the physical tiredness and negative thoughts beat us down, and at the end of the day, that is really what counts, isn't it?

Cheers for Einstein!!!!!!!!!!

God teach me in weird ways, and it is very humbling to know the extent of this love.

Keeping the coming days and weeks and people in prayers ^^

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