Thursday, October 12, 2017


An account

Arrested by the Holy Spirit.
No other word described how I felt during Kingdom City's 3 days Gathering conference on 28- 30 September 2017.

I had just finished celebrating my 28th birthday the week before, and as I have shared with many others, 2017 blew my mind away. This has been a year of favor, breakthroughs, miracles, and blessings. Having been so greatly blessed, I kind of wasn't as desperate for an encounter as I was last year when I lose my job. I thought I have reached the cap for this season and all that is left is to be faithful.

I still expected great things to happen, I was super excited, but what happened was so much greater. As in, life-defining moment kind of great.

On the first day, I saw a vision of a great wave crashing over me, like a strong water jet, it passed through every molecule in my being and cleanse away stubborn dirt that had clung onto me over the years. I simply received this without much understanding at that point of time what it meant.

I also saw Jesus extending His hand, asking me to hold onto Him as we walk in partnership into what we are about to enter. It was exciting for me personally as I had not look at Jesus as a partner before. Like a business partner.

Day Two, while I was praying for a double-portion that God had promised to me earlier this year. Two passages in the Bible was brought to mind: 1 Kings 19:20-21, and Matthew 19:21. Both received an invitation to follow, but only one did.

The message was clear: "Leave it all behind, and come and follow me."

Now, the ball is in my court, as I live out my daily decisions, I want to leave it all behind to follow him. It will be the most unfortunate thing to receive the invitation and miss out on it!

During the end of Day Two, God further imparted and sharpened my purpose in life- To be a mother for the children no one else wanted, they are to be my children, because these are children Jesus wants.

During the last day, there was an extended prayer time and I too went up when Ps Dominic Russo said that God has been speaking to some of us about full-time ministry this week. Though it's something I have responded previously, I went up again as God had been speaking new life into this.

As a lady prayed over me, I heard this loud and powerful voice saying, shouting even, You are not a sinner! Immediately, I felt as if something was literally shifted and taken out of my body physically and my knees grew weak and I fell down kneeling.

I was sobbing in an ugly mess, but I became the ugly mess God needed me to be.

As I stepped outside the Sunway Convention Centre, I knew with certainty in my heart that history was set in motion, and I am stepping into it.

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