Sunday, January 1, 2012



Some says the world is going to end. I say if it's going to end anyway, why spend all the time worrying about it while letting the present slipped past you?

It was a hectic month of December. Seen a lot, felt a lot, questioned a lot. Yet, it seems like there's more questions left unanswered.

Very grateful that I went Myanmar. The near impossibility and the enormousness of the work yet to be done in Myanmar made me walk away feeling like a tourist. Now that i think about it, perhaps it's because i actually do not know what can someone as small as me do in front of this huge giant, that i became a bystander - still giving my best but not taking the ownership.

The gigantic Shwe Dagon makes me feel puny. I cannot imagine standing in front of such an enemy and trying to bring it down.

But, somehow i know it can be done. Just that i lack the faith to believe that i can be the one doing it.

Somehow also, i know that this year will be very crucial for me. My level of faith will be the turning point for many things in my life.

I am sorry if you are reading this and this makes no sense to you. Perhaps, this time, typing this out is sincerely an act to help myself rather than the readers.

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