Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Fasting for the coming few weeks. To ask for greater wisdom and direction, to prepare my heart for mission trip, and simply because i want to...

Since it's the exam season, i am back in exam HQ again after missing out on the action for...this whole year? haha, since i spent the first half of the year in zoo.

the thing is, it's exam and everyone inevitably eat together for every single meal. i will reject these and receive a lot of "but why?", then there will be other people saying because i ate too much snacks just now or i want to save money etc.

i dunno, i just don't like telling people that i am fasting. it invites look of i-dunno-how-to-describe from other people. also dislike the feeling that someone who is fasting is "more spiritual", well, i am not. and don't like to be labeled as that as well.

4.56pm, third day into exam period. and i am starting to plan for my post-exam to-do list. haha.

oh wells, at least i am not stressed ;p

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