Thursday, September 22, 2011


Today is my twenty-second birthday. When the clock reached 12am last night, I was filled with a lot of emotions. Mostly gratitude.

I think for the most part, my life is not perfect, yet, there are still many things i am grateful for. Even though my life has not been the best, yet, there's still so much blessings i have received that i know i do not deserve.

Want to say thank you.

Daddy & Mummy: Thanks for loving me and providing for me. It has not been easy supporting my education, but you persevere and believe in me. Thank you for understanding my decision to follow God, though you may not have the full picture yet, i hope that one day you will, then you will understand why it is the best decision i have ever made in my life. You are not the most expressive person on this earth, but i remembered all those moments when you asked me to take care of myself and just go and pursue my dreams without worrying the financial part of it.

Nick & William: Thanks for being my brothers. Life has not been easy on us, we are all too stubborn at time and will say things that hurt each other, but i know that at the end of the day, you will always stand by me. I remembered the time when you guys really hated one of my ex-boyfriend, you guys were so protective over me, and actually, i am very touched. Thank you for loving me and always looking up to me as you big sister, i hope that my life has inspired you.

Bell: thanks for being my friend, thanks for loving my parents more than i do. thanks for considering me before yourself. I love how we still are so close to each other even though we are miles apart and sometimes i hardly call you once in a few months. If life were to go my way, i would have loved to have you close to me so that we can still talk and laugh together. But it's ok, there's something in life that you know will just last till the day we die.

Yanyu: Thanks for being my friend, my course mate, my leader, my shepherd, my fyp mate. Thanks for listening to me when i grumbled and whined about things, thank you for understanding, thank you for always pointing me back to the truth, thank you for your rebuke, thank you for looking out for me and always blessing me with the little things in life. If you are north, i will be south, we are so radically different, but i am grateful of how you look past my flaws and care for me despite the difficulties at times. Actually, the thing i am most grateful for is you asking me the question on whether i want to receive Christ, twice.

Doris: Thanks for being my roomie. I know i am not the best roomie anyone can ask for, but thanks for tolerating with me and letting me know how i can improve. i am thankful that you have came to Singapore and now i can see you everyday. Life is so consuming that at times it feels like we are a couple who don't speak to each other anymore, but i hope you know that i do care and want to be the best roomie that one can have.

Hui Yi: Thank for being sheep. I am often time very encouraged by your growth in God. i am thankful as well that you are someone who is obedient and live out what has been placed in your heart. I remembered the overflowing joy in my heart the day when you were water baptised, nothing beats the joy of knowing another person is having a personal relationship with God. Thank you for your love shown through your own way, i actually feel loved everytime you strangled me in public, because i know that's how you love. I am thankful that although we have different personalities, we worked it out and didn't give up on each other. I am grateful that in this relationship, not only have you grown, but me too.

Qian Ru: thanks for being someone i can turn to in moments of weakness. thanks for accepting all my flaws and wrongs with grace. Thanks for always blessing me by treating me to food. I know that i have not been the easiest person to lead, but i am thankful that you did not give up on me, and i'm thankful that you are always there if ever i run into troubles. I am honored to have you in my life.

Xing Dan: thanks for being in my lg and encouraging me whenever i need it the most. you are a miracle that happened to me this year, i was so happy when you came to know God a few months ago, because i understood your loneliness, and i know that now that you have God in you, everything won't be the same anymore. i am thankful for the friendship we have, especially those times when we had the leisure of cooking together over the weekend, i really really hope that we can cook again soon. Thank you for giving me this chance to speak into your life, thank you for giving me your trust, it means a lot to me.

Ying Jie: Thanks for being my best friend. i am thankful for those times that you listened to my ranting and just be there for me even when you have no wise solution for me. thank you for always caring and praying for me. i am most grateful for all the exam seasons we have been through together, it's very encouraging to have someone who's fighting alongside me. I know we'll get to the end together someday.

Kok Siong: Thanks for always helping me to move house despite it not being very convenient for you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and moments with me vulnerably. Thanks for being a sincere friend who care how i am doing. i am grateful that i am serving along side you as we will be able to build each other up along the way.

Tracy: Thanks for being in my life, as a friend, a leader, ex-roomie and fellow advertising peep. Thank you for your wise counsel and willingness to accept my flaws. I am grateful for this chance to serve with you and to learn form you, and to get to know you better as a friend. I am grateful for all the blessings you have shown to me. Thankful for your thoughtfulness and understanding, thank you for the listening ears and willingness to guide me even when you were busy at times.

Zach: Thanks for being my friend, thanks for all the care and concerns over my fyp. Thanks for the prayers. i am thankful that our friendship continues after you graduated. I am grateful for all the little blessings you have given. Thanks.

God: They say we keep the best for the last. That's why i decided to dedicate the last post to you. Thanks for coming into my heart a few years ago, the moment when i found you, somehow, something deep inside me just know that everyone may fall away, but you will never let me go. Thank you for looking me with all my flaws and sins and wrong, and yet love me all the more. i am thankful that you have never given up on me, thankful that you are always there, that you will never leave me nor forsake me. i am thankful that even before anyone in this world know me and love me, you already did. i am thankful that you have remained with me even while i have fallen away at times. i am thankful that you know me through and through and love me through and through. thank you for loving me before you love yourself, thank you for being the one that i can go to unashamedly every time. Thank you for giving me little surprises along the way, like a rainbow, a beautiful sunset, or people along my path. Thank you for showing me the bigger picture i can claim as my own. Thank you for coming into the darkest corner of my heart and showing me that you do not despise that part of me, that you care more than i know, that you feel the pain and is hurt just as i am. Thank you for walking with me, bringing me up when i no longer have the strength to do so. Thank you for being the most beautiful thing that has ever happened in my life. Now i live knowing that apart from you i am nothing. You know that you'll have me forever, no matter what happens, no matter what other people say. It's you and me against the world. Thank you.

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