Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This blog has fallen to the category of "dead blogs" for a while now, various reasons contributed to it.

I m just too lazy n tired n busy.
I believe in face-to-face communication, u don't need to know me through my blog.
Some things that happened lately are just too personal to share here..

But i think the new spiritual baby in my CG deserves this post. who knows, one day she will rummage through this blog and discover this entry that was posted for her while she is still a baby, i believe that will be quite precious. =)

[so hui yi, if you are reading this, i really treasures you, i pray that after a lot of years u will read this again and our love will only grow deeper.]

yup, the newB in my CG is called HuiYi. When she received Christ in the middle of the night while we are still in the camp, my brain honestly cannot register at all, frankly i was quite faithless, and when i received the news, i was really unbelievable.

i just came back form follow-up, till now it still feels surreal.

i can only say, this is really a treasure from God that drops from the sky. Me and yanyu was just looking at eaach other all the time before and after the follow-up and keep shaking our head, "this is REALLY NOT us"..lol, i think everyone in the group identify with this, like, we are super cui and discouraged and everything, and at the end of the day, we just continue to pray and pray and pray and gave our best even if our brains were dead most of the time.

Now, we are just giving thanks to God, He moves in ways that we totally didn't expected, i know this is so that we will not rely on ourselves, and to know He is The LORD our God.

By faith, our group will multiply by the end of this year =)

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