Tuesday, October 20, 2009

::Rest II::

yah that was my evil twin typing for my last post..
it's like Jessica in the show Heroes. just that this evil twin doesn't have super power...oh well, guess some evil twin can't even contribute..

haha..that's a joke..i hope you realize i am just being random.

Anyway..Hello to the normal Cassie again..
well...the normal isn't the exact opposite of the evil one, meaning she's not an angel..so..
This sounds like a "fail" joke...the evil one not so evil, the good one not so good also...man, at least excel in one lah...hahaha...

OH yah..oops i digress again..haha..reminded me of my professor who keep saying he'll digress at least twice every lecture...

OH man..here i go digressing again..by now you must really have hated me or loved me..
either for wasting your time or fro bringing you a laughter...

[hmm..did i just digress again??? evil twin help me out here..]

So, this is what i wanna blog about actually..

For the past two days after staring hard at myself, i realize i have two extreme but mutually inclusive sides in me..

the not so devilish evil side, and the not so angelic good side.

And when the skeptic evil inside of me starts to take control..i realize i turn into a cold-blooded stone..

And when the faith-filled good side of me starts to take control..i realize this is one i want to be and this is who i am..not the lie the evil twin has turned me into...

I am at peace now..things seems clearer..but as i said, they are mutually inclusive..i know i am not an angel no matter how hard i tried..the ugly part of me is still me and i wanna embrace myself and not condemning it..i'll embrace and be graced, and hopefully come out a tiny tiny little bit more "angelic"

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